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The most popular option is shipping using commercial airlines. Many breeders use this option, especially during the cooler months. Air cargo can be cheaper, but your bulldog may be exposed to challenging  weather conditions that could put your new pet at risk. Besides all the paperwork that needs to be completed, your bulldog will have to remain crated the entire time, from the arrival at the airport to the time you pick him up. Also keep in mind that your new family addition will be handled by a lot of people... They may or may not be cautious when handling your new pet. Typically, your new pet will not have any supervision during the flight. The temperature in the air cargo area can vary from extreme heat to extreme cold, they aren't regulated like inside the cabin. Air cargo also requires your Bulldog to remain on the tarmac, which in and of itself can be stressful and frightening. In the summer months it's an ABSOLUTE NO-NO, because bulldogs just can not tolerate the heat levels while sitting on the tarmac. We are NOT big fans of shipping using Air cargo. But THERE ARE ALTERNATIVES, and sometimes, these alternatives, such as FLYING YOUR PUPPY AS CARRY ON BAGGAGE or if traveling longer distances we can use QUICK PAK and PET SAFE services. Your new baby bully will fly in a pressurized temperature controlled room (just like the cabin of the plane)! Another option is GROUND TRANSPORTATION these are all GREAT solutions. Give us a call so we can discuss what transportation would be right for you and your English Bulldog! 
Of coarse the best way to get your bulldog home is with you. It's always a good idea to meet your new puppy and get to know him or her. It's also a good idea to meet with the breeder. This would be the BEST way to ensure your puppy is traveling safe and sound.
We would love to meet the new parents of our babies but we also understand that sometime this may not be possible. If you have ANY questions or concerns please call us @ 951 259-9173. We will be happy to discuss any and all options with you. 




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